Whole30 : My Journey & Meals Week 3

Whole30 : Week 3

Week 3 was the hardest week of the Whole30 for me.  Makes the first few days look like a breeze. haha.  It’s common to struggle this far through, because the newness of the challenge has worn off and you tend to get bored.  I read that lots of people end up quitting this far through, which makes me sad for those people because at one time they were so excited about doing Whole30 and motivated to do well.  I’m happy to say that I’ve made it through the week and lived to tell about it.  I’m thankful for friends who literally talked me off the ledge when I wanted to quit.  I’m SO incredibly thankful for them now, because I made it through without cheating.  Intentionally, anyways.  (I accidentally ate some non-compliant almond butter … that resulted in lots of tears over a jar of almond butter..always read your labels! Don’t assume it’s OK!)  

The last week was so hard, but this weekend I’ve felt AMAZING.  I felt like I wasn’t seeing the results I was getting the previous 2 weeks, so I tried to cut out some of the extra carbs I was eating. Too many white potatoes and fruit.  (which are OK to eat, but definitely eat the white potatoes in moderation)  Friday I decided I was going to take it a little basic, and eat more protein and veggies.. since I’ve done that I’ve felt so much better. Less sluggish and less hungry! I’m seeing some more results, too … yay!  This weekend my mood has been brighter, I’ve had so much energy that I don’t know what to do with it (seriously, I was awake at past 4 AM last night!), and I have ZERO cravings.  I’ve been able to walk into a Starbucks to grab a bottle of water and not have a mental breakdown.  That’s progress! ha!

I won a giveaway this past week!  Whole30 and a company called Choffy (brewed chocolate!!) were hosting a giveaway and I won! Whaaaaaat?! I’m so excited to try this stuff!  You can read all about what it is HEREChoffy - Brewed Chocolate : Whole30 Compliant!

I know this isn’t HUGE visible results, but I can tell a difference.. and some friends can, too! My SKIN feels and looks so much better, too! I’m so happy I decided to do this! (NO MAKEUP in both pictures!)Whole30 Week 3 : Results!

Now, on to my favorite meals this week!Whole30 : Meals Week 1

Like I mentioned above, this past week was SO hard.  My heart wasn’t in it.  I’m thankful I found some things to eat to get me through!

Breakfast : breakfast consisted of fruit and a Larabar every.single.day!

Lunch : lunch consisted of turkey meatballs every.single.day! (see, boring)

Dinner : dinner is where I mixed it up a little bit, whew!

Whole30 Compliant HotdogsI took a trip to Whole Foods and picked up some Whole30 compliant hotdogs and bacon (woohoo!) These are SO good and they really hit this spot this past week.  I ate them 3 days in a row.  I’m sure the people following me in Instagram were tired of seeing them! Whole30 Compliant Hotdogs

I received the rest of my Whole30 Pack from Tessemae’s and that’s was so exciting this week! My absolute FAVORITE flavor so far is the Lemon Chesapeake… I cook my chicken in it and it has so much flavor.. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything!Whole30 Week 3 Whole30 Week 3This meal is simply the best … any meat with eggs is proving to be great.  Keeps me full, like crazy full .. I’m not even hungry for dinner!  This Whole30 compliant bacon is a lifesaver!Whole30 Week 3

Another find on my Whole Foods trip was this La Croix sparkling water.. or “Whole30 soda” as I call it..haha.  I’m not sure how I like this stuff yet.  It’s kind of good and kind of not.  It’s weird to me.  It’s not sweet at all, but has flavor.. and it’s super fizzy.  La Croix Water

I’m really excited for this upcoming week.  It’s my last week on the Whole30, and I feel so good right now that I’m excited to see how I feel as the days go by.  I’ve decided that I’m not just doing this for 30 days, but for as long as I can.  I know I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to eat this way 85% / 15% from now on (after the initial Whole30).  I just feel so good eating this way and I know it’s going to get me where I want to go.  To be honest, the only thing I want to add in is my Splenda and my Spark.  Other than that, I don’t want it right now.  But, knowing that I CAN go out to eat and eat some grilled chicken and not worry about what’s in the marinade is what I’m meaning when I say 85% / 15%.. or occasionally having a coffee with creamer (dairy).. or something like that.  I’m going to try and stick to paleo / Whole30 as much as I can.  I know people do more than 1 Whole30, so I will do some more of the “strict” Whole30’s throughout the rest of the year, too.

I hope I have some good weight loss to report next week!  If it’s not a lot of weight, knowing that I feel amazing and I’m NO LONGER ON ANTI DEPRESSANTS is such a wonderful accomplishment that I should be PROUD of! I know I tend to focus on weight too much, so I need to do better about that!

Have a great WEEK, friends! 

Whole30 : My Journey & Meals Week 2


Whole30 Week 2Today I’m exactly 1/2 way through my Whole30! Today is day 15! I had been wanting to do a Whole30 for a while, but it seemed a little intimidating to me and I wasn’t mentally ready, so I never tried it.  I am so thankful that I said “yes” and I’m sitting here 1/2 way through my first Whole30.  I’ve broken down so many walls in these last 2 weeks.  I’m a strong girl, stronger than I give myself credit for.  Yes, Whole30 is hard.. but it’s not hard.  I love what they say in the book, cancer is hard.. Whole30 is not hard.  

Every single day it gets easier and I feel better.  I’m most happy about not needing any of my depression medications anymore.  How is that possible?! It just amazes me! All from clean eating.  I feel better physically and mentally.  I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing so much this far.  I am absolutely thrilled to dive in to week 3 and see how I come out on the other side.

I struggle a little bit when I look in the mirror.  I am still a big girl, and I have to remind myself this isn’t going to come off over night.  But, I’m moving in the right direction.  My pants are feeling looser, so that’s all the confirmation I need to know I’m getting smaller.  I took a picture of my face for comparison 2 nights ago, and I think I’m starting to see a difference!  This is on day 13. Whole30 : Week 2 - Our Nesting Place Blog

Whole30 : Meals Week 2

My meals this week were super repetitive and kind of boring.  I’m going to try and make some new recipes and new meal combos just to mix it up a bit.  I’m starting to be less hungry, which is good! 

Breakfast :

I’ve been working out before work, so on my way to work I’ve been eating a Larabar and a banana.  Some days, I feel like I’m barely going to make it to the car to my food, so I started bringing it inside with me and eating it while I get ready if I need to.  Food is fuel now.  I know I’m going to feel better after I eat.  That’s a good mental change for me! I don’t eat just to eat, I eat to give myself energy!Our Nesting Place Blog : Whole30

Lunch :

Lunch has been leftovers, which is super easy! ha! I still love the chicken meatballs, and I’m starting to love salads with chicken, “broccoli slaw”, sliced almonds, and Tessemae’s Balsamic Dressing.  So delicious and a nice change!  Something that doesn’t look good AT ALL, but kept me so full I didn’t want dinner was just 2 eggs and some roast mixed in.  Tasted good, used up some meat, and I had ZERO hunger that whole rest of the day!Our Nesting Place Blog : Whole30 Week 2 Our Nesting Place Blog : Whole30 Week 2 Our Nesting Place Blog : Whole30 Week 2Our Nesting Place Blog : Whole30 Week 2


My lunches and my dinners look very similar, since I’m eating lots of leftovers.  Steak and veggies, roast and veggies, chicken meatballs, and eggs & potatoes.  Kinda boring, huh? I’m sorry about that.  I promise I’m going to try and change it up between now and the end!

Earlier I mentioned Tessemae’s balsamic dressing.  Most dressings and sauces are non-compliant for Whole30, so I was really excited to find an awesome company in Tessemae’s.  On their website they have a “Whole30 Pack” that’s put together just for us Whole30ers to use during the challenge (or all the time because it’s awesome).  The pack comes with the following : Cracked Pepper, Lemon Chesapeake, Lemon Garlic, BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, Ranch, Southwest Ranch, and Balsamic.  The Ketchup, Lemon Garlic, and Ranch were on back order, so hopefully I get those next week.  I’m so excited! I can use these as dressings or marinades for my meats, and I don’t have to worry about something sneaking in and being off plan.  Gives me peace of mind and it’s so good!  They have lots more than just those I mentioned, so check them out! They’re good to use ANYTIME.. not just on the Whole30! Our Nesting Place Blog : Tessemae's I love that their bottles have a wax dipped top.. so fun!Our Nesting Place Blog : Tessemae's

My kids have been gone for 5 weeks, so starting TODAY (they come home today, yaaaay!) things will be a little different for me.  I’m so happy I had the past 2 weeks to do this on my own and develop my habits without any distractions or temptations.  It may add a level of difficulty, but I can do it! I’m just so happy to have them home!

Again, THANK YOU to my awesome friends on Instagram for supporting me this past week! I feel like I’m not doing this alone.. I love you guys!

Whole30 : My Journey & Meals Week 1

Whole30 : Our Nesting Place Blog

Hi Friends! Today marks 1 week since I started my Whole30.  It’s amazing how much things can change in a week.  I’m so happy to have started this little journey.  I am so proud of myself for making it this far! It hasn’t always been easy.. and that short little week has felt like 2 weeks.

I started out the Whole30 feeling amazing.  That first day I just felt great! The foods I was worried about weren’t so bad, drinking unsweetened tea was easier than I thought, and I wasn’t hungry AT ALL.  Day 2 was another story.  I woke up with a headache and body aches.  I felt weak and it was a chore to carry my own body weight across the floor.  My arms got tired just brushing my teeth.  I was hot so easily, I guess because my body was working harder.  I had hit “the hangover” stage, as described in the Whole30 book.  It’s real, y’all! The hangover stage lasted a couple days, but once I got over that, I started to feel better with each passing day.  The nausea I was feeling when I was hungry went away, the weakness from doing the simplest chore went away, and I actually felt like going to the gym!  Here I am 1 week in to it and I still feel a teeny bit foggy, but I feel like I’ve been though a mini “hell week” and I survived to tell about it.  I feel so much better!

I love the Whole30 book because it gives you an idea of how you’re going to feel each day on the challenge.  I would wake up in the morning and feel a certain way, go check out my book, and have confirmation that I was on the right track.  It’s amazing how similar our bodies react when we are all doing the same things! Everyone doing the Whole30 can relate and encourage one another.  Whole30

I had some great non-scale victories this week! My clothes are already fitting better, AND I’ve managed to stop taking all my anti-depressant medications.  I actually feel good.  I know I have a ways to go to be 100%, but this is such a great improvement.  I can’t believe it! I know with each passing day and each passing week I’m going to feel better and better, and I’m really looking forward to that.

Whole30 : Meals Week 1

I feel like the meals are so important.  There’s no snacking on the Whole30, so you have to make those 3 meals a day really count.  I’m learning quickly what I like and don’t like, and what’s going to work and not work.  Before I started the challenge I planned out my meals for the full 30 days, but as I eat those meals and see things that need to be change, my “meal plan” has changed a bit.  It actually gives me anxiety to change things up, because I hate changing things once I’ve put a lot of work in to them, but it’s OK and I will survive. 😉 

I’m not going to share what I eat each meal every single day, because that’s going to be super boring.  I tend to eat the same thing a couple days in a row, or a few meals in a row.  Instead, I’m going to share my favorite meals from this week to hopefully give you an idea of some of the things you CAN eat on the Whole30!  If you’d like to see what I’m eating each meal, go check out my journey on instagram! Follow me @wholemiranda :)

Breakfast :

My favorite breakfast meals so far have been banana with almond butter, chopped pecans, and unsweetened coconut flakes or a Larabar and a banana.  I typically eat breakfast in the car on the run to work or after I get to work sitting at my desk.  The Larabar is more my style than anything else, but they aren’t something that they want you to eat everyday, SO I will switch it up between that and some fruit and almond butter.  Both are delicious!  Not all Larabars are Whole30 compliant, the ones that are include : Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Cashew Cookie, Cherry Pie, Chocolate Coconut Chew, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Lemon Bar, Pecan Pie, and Pumpkin Pie. Whole30 : Our Nesting Place Blog - Breakfast Idea

Sometimes for breakfast I eat eggs with some leftover meat thrown in and a side of fruit.  I’m working on eating things like that more often.  I’m a sweet breakfast person more than I am a savory breakfast person, so that’s going to take me a little bit to change around. 

Lunch :

This was hard for me at first.  I had planned to eat this wonderful Sonoma Chicken Salad for lunch most days, but I made it and I hated it.  That changed a lot of plans for days ahead. haha.  I ended up eating dinner leftovers most days for lunch.  It worked out great! My favorite lunch meal so far was the Turkey Meatballs.  I ate them plain, with veggie sides, but you could also eat them with tomato sauce (Whole30 has a compliant recipe) and spaghetti squash.  The recipe for these calls for ground chicken, but at the time I couldn’t find ground chicken so I used ground turkey.  They are so good!Whole30 : Our Nesting Place Blog : Chicken Meatballs

Some friends have expressed interest in the Turkey Meatball recipe, so if you’d like me to send it to you just shoot me an email (use the contact me form from the navigation bar above) and I will send it your way!

Dinner :

Dinner got easier as the days went on.  The 2nd and 3rd day I really struggled come dinner time.  I was nauseous and weak and I didn’t feel like eating.  I had to force myself.   But, by day 4 I was eating dinner and really loving it.  I look forward to it everyday! My favorite dinner so far has been steak, baked potato with clarified butter, and broccoli.  (“regular” butter isn’t allowed on Whole30, but you can have clarified butter which is something you can actually make yourself!) Yes, you can have regular potatoes – that was like Christmas to me! I was getting tired of sweet potatoes. Whole30 : Our Nesting Place Blog : Dinner Idea

Another one of my favorite dinner meals was a roast with green beans and sweet potatoes.  The Whole30 book has an amazing recipe for roast! I’m going to eat it again next week!Whole30 : Our Nesting Place Blog

I’ve survived my first week, and now I’m wanting to step up my game a little bit this next week.  I didn’t have tons of energy to hit the gym a lot last week, so I’m going to try and push myself to visit the gym more this coming week.  I’m also going to lay off the regular potatoes (if I can help it) since they are something they want you to eat in moderation.  I got a small bag of organic russet potatoes and didn’t stop until they were gone! I hope with this coming week I’m not so hungry before dinner.  Since no snacking is encouraged, it’s hard waiting until I get off work and then run home to cook something or throw something together.  So far I haven’t snacked yet, I haven’t caved – yay! I know this upcoming week is going to bring along more changes and more awesomeness and I can’t wait! 

Thank you for following along and to those of you who have been SO supportive! I appreciate you so much for keeping me motivated this past week!

We can’t weigh in until the challenge is over, so I don’t have any weight loss to talk about yet.  I’m going to take new pictures each week to see if I notice any change in size as the weeks go by.  Maybe towards the end I will get brave and post them. 😉