Sharing The Friendship Ministry

One important aspect of The Friendship Ministry is sharing it with your friends.  You want them to know what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, and hopefully it will inspire them to pay it forward.  When I choose a person to pray for everyday for a certain amount of time as part of The Friendship Ministry, I always send that person a letter letting them know what I’ve been doing.  I want them to understand the meaning behind my little ministry and to show them that they were chosen for a reason, and that they are important.  

A friend of mine sent me an email one day letting me know they had been praying for me everyday over the last couple months.  I was sort of blown away that they chose me, and that they had been doing this without my knowledge.  I felt so wanted and so cherished at that moment.  I felt like I mattered to someone and that feeling still sticks with me today.  That feeling is something I really wanted to pass on.  

You don’t always have to send them a long note, but you can definitely attach a little note saying “I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you” or “I wanted to remind you how special you are to me”.  You also don’t have to be a walking billboard for The Friendship Ministry our sound “salesy”.  You could simply add the hashtag (#thefriendshipministry) or the web address for The Friendship Ministry to the bottom of your card or note, and let them check it out for themselves.  

I wanted to stress how important it is to let others know what you’re doing, but I don’t want it to come across fake to your friend, so make sure you do it from the heart and then let them know what motivated you to do it.  :)

Also, be sure to share what you’re doing on social media with the hashtag #thefriendshipministry! If we don’t share, when others use the hashtag to check it out, they won’t see anything.  Show us what you’re doing, so we can get new ideas! Plus, I just want to see how many blessings are going around! 

Below are some images you can right click & save to share with your friends if you’d like! The Friendship Ministry The Friendship Ministry The Friendship Ministry

the friendship ministry

Acts of Friendship for The Friendship Ministry

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share some ways you can bless your friends during The Friendship Ministry month.  Just some fun little (and thoughtful) things you can do to really brighten their day.  Most of these ideas are actually things friends have done for me, and I felt so special.  If you have any you’d like to share, I would love to hear it! I’m always open to new ideas, and I’m sure others would like to hear as well! Please share in the comments! (and please read the comments for new ideas!)

I pulled this list from a previous post I did called, “Acts of Friendship“.  Enjoy!Acts of Friendship

  • If your friend is local, bake some cookies and just show up at their door one evening and drop them off.  If they’re not local, order pizza or take-out in their town and have it sent to them for dinner one evening.  
  • If your friend has a road trip coming up, pack them a little goody bag of snacks and drinks for the road.  Make it fun!
  • If you notice your friend posts something to a “wish list” pinterest board, maybe surprise them with that gift .. just because. 
  • Offer to watch your friends children one evening so they can have some time to themselves or a date night.  
  • Surprise them with a grocery gift card to help buy their groceries one week.  
  • Is your friend a stressed out and tired mom? Show up at her house one weekend, send her out for a mani/pedi, and clean her house while she’s gone. 
  • Gift them a subscription to a fun magazine or a magazine they may be interested in.
  • When you’re cooking dinner for your family, make an extra batch and fix it up as a freezer meal for your friend to use when they need a break from cooking.
  • Cater to her Momma heart – do something totally sweet for her children. 
  • Show up at your friends place of work with their favorite starbucks drink one morning.
  • Have their favorite flowers delivered on a regular day .. not a special occasion.
  • Write them a little note of encouragement and place it on their car for them to see in the morning on their way to work.
  • Mow their grass while they’re at work for the day or are out of town, etc.
  • Invite them out on a “friend date” as your treat.  You’ll get a double blessing of treating them PLUS getting to hang out with them.
  • Are you good with your camera? Offer to do family photos for them one nice evening – those pictures are something they can treasure forever!
  • Pick up their favorite treat or candy and surprise them with it whenever they need a pick me up.
  • Send them a card with a sweet note just letting them know you’re praying for them and you appreciate their friendship. 

These are some of the things you can do to bless your friends.  These acts of friendship may not be something you can afford to do all the time, but sometimes when you do something nice for a person out of the blue, that blessing can last for a long time inside your heart … and in their heart.  I know that I’m still holding on to the feelings I have gotten by having others do wonderful acts of friendship for me.  

Do you have any ideas for other acts of friendship? I’d love to hear the and add them to my list of things to do for others!

My Personal Plans for The Friendship Ministry

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.17.09 AMHi Friends!

I thought I’d share my personal plans for The Friendship Ministry month with you.  I’m the type of person who likes to follow by example, so to cater to those who are just like me here is what I’m doing! 

First, I have a busy life.  I have 2 kids in school, a husband in college, a full time job, I’m in grad school myself, we have all the extra curricular activities such as soccer and cub scouts and church and homework .. and to top it all off, we’re moving! So, please don’t think that I’m sitting here 100% of the time focusing on The Friendship Ministry.  As much and I would love to do that, it’s just not realistic.  I’m saying all of that to say, I understand you have a life and I understand you have “life stuff” that you have to do, so please don’t feel like you have to give 110% of your time to this if you’re going to do it.  I promise that’s not what this is all about! 

It is going to take some thought and some effort on your part, but this isn’t meant to complicate your life or make you feel overwhelmed.  Think about what would make you feel special.  Would it make you feel special to receive a handwritten note that you know your friend took the time to sit down and thoughtfully write, put a stamp on it, walk to the mailbox, and send it?  Or, would it make you feel special to get a 5 word text that said, “I just wanted to say hey!”  For me, it’s the snail mail.  Since I would love to receive something like that from my friends, that’s the type of effort I’m going to give to my friends.  Does that make sense? :)

1st : I’m going to listen to my friends.  Are they struggling with something? Are they talking about feeling overwhelmed, or stressed, or feeling down, etc.  Listening to your friends (or reading their statuses on facebook) can give you lots of clues to the type of love they need right now.  Some friends are so engrossed in life and the stresses that go with it, that a thoughtful note or “happy” or gesture from me would mean so much to them.  I want to send those friends a breath of fresh air, a little re-charge, a little push to get them through the week or through whatever it is they’re going through.

2nd : I’m going to say “Thank you”.  I have a few friends who have sent me little happy things in the mail over the last few weeks.  I’m really excited to sit down and to write them a thoughtful Thank You note to let them know how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am for them.  I like to send little happy things back, so I plan on sending them a little something as well.  

3rd : I’m going to pray for them.  God is amazing, and He seems to know just what people need exactly when they need it.  I like to ask Him to lay someone on my heart that needs lifted up in prayer. You never know who He’s going to choose, but it never fails .. those people needed that prayer.  Sometimes I know what to pray for, and sometimes I don’t.  I just pray and ask God to equip them with the resources they need, or supply them with the support group they need, or to give them a little “hug from God” to let them know they’re not alone.. typically things like that.  I will pray for them everyday for 1 to 2 weeks, then I send them a letter in the mail and sometimes a little gift letting them know that over the last 2 weeks I had prayed for them everyday.  I get chills when they write back and let me know, “I was going through XYZ and I could FEEL God’s presence with me.. it was the prayers!”.. so, that’s why I do that.  

4th : I’m going to nurture the friendships I have.  Some of those where the communication is gone, I’m going to open that line of communication back up.  I’m going to take the time to talk to my friends and to let them know I’m interested in their life and what joys and sorrows they’re going through.  I’m going to smile and be cheerful and spread happiness to them whenever I can.  I’m going to build strong connections with those friends and do what I can to keep those friendships strong.  

5th : I’m not going to over-plan and I’m going to leave some of it up to God.  Like the prayer, He knows what people need when they need it.  I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open, and when I see an opportunity to be a good friend, or to love on someone, or to encourage someone, I’m going to take that opportunity and allow God’s light shine through me and bless that friend.  

That’s my plan, what do you think? What is your plan? I’d love to hear it, and maybe tweak or add to mine! :)A MONTH OF FRIENDSHIP