Why Haven’t I Thought of This Sooner?!

You Are Here HawaiiYou guys – I’m on a new adventure.  An adventure to collect Starbucks City Mugs.  

I have always LOVED Starbucks mugs, especially the themed and city ones.  I have a BEAUTIFUL mug from Japan that my sweet “sister” Yuka sent me, I have some equally beautiful Hawaii mugs.. and I have some from the Philippines that Shelby brought back from a deployment.  I have a head start! 

I posted about it on Facebook, and was so seriously GIDDY when some friends commented back that they collect them, too! Someone understands me! ha! I think we are going to have a couple mug swaps.. I am going to send them Hawaii and/or Waikiki City Mugs and they are going to send me mugs from their cities.  How awesome is this?! 1869a99c903fa044bba57dd1a1cb9b8a

NYC Relief 2

Does anyone else collect the Starbucks City Mugs?? My favorite collections are the “You Are Here” mugs and the “Relief Skyline” ones.  I’d LOVE to have the New York one like that! Like seriously, how cute is this?! —— >

I am so excited! Probably crazy… and I know it’s going to drive my husband crazy, because he already thinks I have too many mugs – but I’m looking forward to building my collection! Something I truly enjoy.. I LOVE coffee mugs.. this is just perfect, right?! :) 

I turn 30 next month – and I can totally use that to justify purchasing some mugs for myself ;) 




  1. What a fun idea! The city mugs are super fun and such a nice token from places around the world!

  2. I wonder if they make a Sacramento mug? I can send it to you!

  3. Rachel Gray says:

    I have that NYC mug! I would trade, but I’m PRETTY SURE Charleston doesn’t have a mug – ha!