Pray for Me?

It’s so awesome when the NEW YEAR arrives and you’re so excited and motivated to get things done and be ACTIVE and get healthy and feel amazing and the list goes on.. and on.. and on.  What’s not so awesome, is being sick at the beginning of the year and having all your “plans” for productiveness and accomplishments go right out the window.  

That’s kind of what I’m feeling this week..

Monday morning I woke up sick.. and I feel like since then I still haven’t been at 100%.  Actually TODAY I feel the worst I’ve felt this entire time.  My bones hurt, my muscles hurt, my throat hurts, I have absolutely ZERO energy and I just feel kinda sad about it all.  I wanted to kick butt with my workouts and eating this week and design all my blogs EARLY and enjoy spending countless hours on the golf course with my family and just being HAPPY and feeling GOOD!  Instead I’ve spent every single moment today on the couch or in my bed sleeping… in addition to a trip to the grocery store to pick up some medicine and to a little job interview, which I will talk about later ;)  

Praying that I gain my energy back! Praying I feel better TOMORROW.  I don’t want to start out my new year this way… already slacking off because I can’t get it together and because I don’t feel good.  I can deal with having a sore throat, but the fatigue is what’s making life hard.  It feels like MONO type of tired.. if that gives you any ideas of WHY I lay around all day! ha! 

Anyways – I would really appreciate your prayers! I NEED to feel better very very soon.  I WANT to feel better, too.  I really wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish everything this week.. and it’s not looking too promising right now.





  1. Always praying for you :)