Top Planners for 2014

Our Nesting Place Blog : Top Planners for 2014I am so excited to share the best planners for 2014 with you all! So many people have enjoyed The Best Planners for 2013 post, so I hope this years post is even better!

I wanted to thank all of you wonderful people (and fellow planner addicts) for contributing to this years post! So many great planners are out there for you to choose from! Let’s take a look at what we feel like are the best ones!  :)

1.  I’m going to start with the planner I’m currently using.  It’s called a Life Planner and it’s by Erin Condren.  This is my 3rd year using a Life Planner, and I love them even more this year than I have in the years past.  The EC team has totally revamped the Life Planner and made it better than ever.  So many wonderful upgrades and little tweaks to make it extra sturdy.  I can’t even begin to count how many options there are for covers – not to mention the ways your can fully customize it to make it 100% YOURS.  You can click HERE and read about the Life Planner and the countless ways it’s just simply amazing!

Here is a photo of what MY planner looks like this yearOur Nesting Place Blog : Best Planners

2.  I love the idea of a printable calendar.  I like to use things like that for blog post planning and weekly menu planning.  One of my real life friends, Cara,  has created something she calls a Printable Organizer for 2014.  It’s awesome.. and it’s FREE!  Here is what Cara has to say about her Printable Organizer.

This year as kind of a Christmas Present to all our wonderful followers I decided to make a 2014 Organizer! I started it just for myself but then I thought it would be fun to share it with y’all!  I thought about what I wanted to make for it and decided I wanted it to be a blog organizer with some of the things I need for around the house also!

I have a regular Calendar, Annual Planner, Menu Planner/Grocery List, Weekly Planner, and Week at a Glance (Home, Work, Blog)!  The one I’m most excited about is the week at a glance.  I seem to need to write down everything in one place so I can see what I need to do in all aspects of my life over a week so I decided to put it all on one page!  Also, for bloggers we have some special pages!  We made a Blog Calendar with Social Media Check Boxes,  Giveaway & Review sheet, Blog Contacts, Sponsors & Advertising, Google Analytic Stats, Social Media Stats, and a Password Log!  I’m in love with the Calendar with the Social Media Check Boxes because I always forget where I’ve posted what!

Be sure to check out Cara’s blog, The Craft Dictator, and sign up for her mailing list to receive your OWN Printable Organizer for FREE!!Cara Printable Organizer

3.  The next planner I’m going to talk about is brand new to me.  It’s called The Simplified Planner and it’s by Emily Ley.  I follow Emily on Instagram, and I have seen so many neat things about this planner!  They sure are popular, too – I believe she sold out and is working on a 2nd batch to be delivered around Valentine’s Day.  It has some features similar to those of the Life Planners by Erin Condren, but something I see that’s different and I LOVE are some special worksheets labeled “The Process of Simplifying”, “My Go To Dinner Ideas”, and “50 Memories I will Make This Year”.  I might have to venture out and try one of these next year ;) Is it crazy that I’m already making plans for my planner for NEXT year?! 0EmilySimplified-0020-650x433

4.  The next planner I’m going to share is Maybooks by May Designs.  These are so simple.. and I just love that.  They’re smaller size planners – 5 X 8 – and they contain 80 pages which are YOUR CHOICE.  You can have standard calendar pages, weekly menu pages, food diary pages, address book pages, budget journal.. and many more other options.  I have this planner in the Food Diary option and I LOVE IT! I’m not the only one who loves these planners.  Another real life friend (and fellow planner addict!), Elaina, was gracious enough to contribute to this post with the things she likes and does NOT like about her Maybooks planner!

Things I like about my planner….
1. It’s is completely customizable.  I was able to choose the background, colors, font…pretty much everything.  There were lots of options to choose from.
2. It’s fairly small and doesn’t take up a ton of room in my purse.
3. It has a monthly layout at the beginning of each month & then has weekly layouts.
4. Holidays & important dates like Daylight savings time are written on both the monthly and weekly layouts.
5.  It wasn’t expensive.  They are normally $22, but I got mine during a 1/2 price sale.  
Things I’m not crazy about…
1.  It’s not hardback.  I really loved that last year’s planner was hardback.  It definitely helps it hold up better.
2.  The weeks start with Monday instead of Sunday.  A small thing but it drives me crazy.
 5.  Last, but certainly NOT least, is the Greenroom planner – which can be found at Target!  I love.. love.. LOVE these planners.  I like the full size one for myself.  I like that there is so much space to WRITE.. because I tend to write a LOT in my weekly planners.  This planner also has a weekly and monthly layout, with blank and lined pages in between each month for brainstorming or note taking.  The designs are always adorable – and they’re a great bargain.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a planner, but you want something that’s still pretty amazing – definitely check out Target and get yourself a Greenroom planner! Green Room Planner
Thank you so much for reading!  If you have a favorite planners that’s not listed, PLEASE share it with me! I love planners so so so much.. and would love to be introduced to some new ones out there!
Here’s to an organized 2014!




  1. I really want an Erin C planner but I just can’t seem to drop that 50 for it!